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3 Ways How To Present A Portfolio

  • Sketchbooks / scrapbooks

One way how you can present a portfolio is a sketchbook or a scrapbook, you can use one with as many pages as you want for the portfolio you are creating and stick in your photos and be as creative as you want with the spacing and photo sizes. You could also decorate around the photos or on the front page of the sketchbook and make it person to you or the project you are working on. You can also be creative with colours as well, like the colour of the paper or mount the photos on different coloured paper and stick them in the sketch book.

Creating hand made portfolios can be good for your own personal benefit, if maybe you like to collect your work or store your photos for fun, or if you are working on a project, or if you wanted to take It to interviews such as for uni or work, and then always keep the work for other things aswell.

  • Online

There are many different ways you can present a portfolio online, for example on a power point so you can flick through each slide with one photo on each slide, or you could put them on a blog website uploading one photo at a time.

Creating a portfolio online can be very useful because you can make multiple copy’s of that portfolio and send it off to as many places as you want, you can also save it and back it up on multiple devices such as your phone, memory stick, computer hard drive and so on.

This can be good for sending portfolios online to work places that may be far away and want you to send them work digitally, or university’s that want your work sent to them through email or online. It is also good to get noticed if you share your portfolios publicly and allow others to view and leave comments on your work, this may also help you get future work and get noticed by people who may want to take you on.

  • Files

Another way you could present a portfolio is arranging all of your photos by printing them out which every size you want, probably a large size, and have them printed on decent printing paper so they are at best quality and the paper wont crease.

In order to keep all of your photos together you could get a massive file to store all photos in with separate file sections inside the file to separate your photos into category’s for example; street photography, portraits, wildlife, macro and so on. This way when you are taking your work places to show people for example interviews you know exactly where to find what If they ask you for a certain thing or type of photography.


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Photoshop ideas

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Surrealist Image


This surrealist image is also really interesting because it is really un realistic to the real world for example there is a turtle carrying a little world and it kind of looks like it is flying as well. I really like this image because I am interested in turtles and nature and both together make an interesting image. The sky also changes from dark to light. It sort of looks like before the world was created aswell, like when only plants and animals were living.