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Home truths: photography, Motherhood and identity

What are the stereotypical characteristics of a motherhood in advertising?
The stereotypical characteristics being advertised are about a mother looking after her child, and how her child is being raised and looked after. 

What did you expect an exhibition on motherhood to be about?
I expected it to be about mothers and their children having fun together or maybe a mother feeding her baby, just general mother-child connection and photos to resemble their relationship.

Has looking at the exhibition changed your thoughts on motherhood?
Looking at the exhibition has changed my thoughts of motherhood because i didn’t expect it to be as graphic but now i have actually seen what motherhood is and i have seen it from a different point of view. 

What was different to your expectations?
it was different because i didnt think it would be so graphic and detailed but in a way at least it makes you see mother hood from a different way.

Jaques Henri Lartigue: Bibi

Is there a story or theme to the images?
The story behind his images is about his life with his wife Bibi. He meet his wife Bibi at 24 and got married in 1919. His photos are about his love for Bibi and what happens in his life. Through the story he abandons his family town and his marriage then breaks down.

Are there any people/places repeated in the images?
His wife Bibi is repeated in a lot of them.

How are the images displayed? are they in a particular order?
They are in the order of his life, and what happened in his life as he was growing older.

What types of photographs do you take of your friends and family?
I like taking portraits of them because it captures a natural image.

How do you store/ view your images after you take them? Discuss the different ways to view images and why you would use each different method.
 I can store and view my photos online on my laptop on softwares such as photoshop, aperture and preview folders. 

Only in england: Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr

What are the similarities between the two photographers?
Tony ray jones and martin parr are both street photographers, all of their street photos were taken in england. Both of the photographers have a humorous and melancholy personality.

What inspiration has Martin parr taken from tony ray jones?
They are both candid photographers. Martin parr has has documented street photography and took into consideration all the things tony ray jones does. You can see from his work he has attempted to create similar peaces with his own spin to it. 

Why is the street photography important as time moves on?
It is important because it can show the change in time, all the things that have changed and in how much time. It is interesting to see how the world changes.

Why is the exhibition called ‘Only in england’?
The exhibition is called Only in england because all the street photography was taken in england.

Images that you particularly like
Martin Parr- Brightonc. 1967 
Tony ray Jones – Silver town saturday mancet London 1966