Visual Analysis

by kirstylharris


formal element Description

Line – there aren’t many lines in this image just underneath the yellow shape you can see lines in between all the patterns.

Colour- The colour scheme used in analogous, i think this because it has mixtures of yellow and orangey tones in with green and browns. the colours are not dull but do not stand out massively. the yellow shape in the middle however is quite vibrant.

Shape- There is a lot of shapes in this image, there are squares, circles, rectangles and a few swirls.

Texture- The texture looks quit rough because of the browny background, it doesn’t look smooth because there is bits all in the background.

Tone- the tones are all block colours because none of them are that faded they are quit dark and full.

Composition- the picture is placed central, as the main yellow image is in the middle and everything else is around it, it has been positioned simply and doesn’t have much complications.